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This website is dedicated to the academic study of Tolkien fandom. For now, it is based on my PhD research: my focus is limited to three countries (the US, the UK and France) and doesn’t go further than the 90’s. I hope to be able to broaden my perspectives in the years to come.

The section entitled “My research” reproduces in a reorganized manner the Annexes in my thesis. You will find there information about fan communities, fanzines, fans, themes that are of interests to fans and few iconographic examples.

The section entitled “Explore” gives you the bibliography of my thesis but also a list of online references useful for research.

On the “Blog” I hope to have the time and publish the articles in English as well as in French.

The page “About me”, well, the title is self-explanatory…

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to get in touch, comment, ask or suggest!

Laura Martin-Gomez

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