Here is my thesis’ bibliography.

Below are a list of useful links for academic research or just to learn more about fans and / or Tolkien.

Online academics

John D. Rateliff‘s blog / John Garth‘s blog / Dimitra Fimi‘s blog.

Voir Tolkien: Marie Bretagnolle’s blog (French Ph. D. student), it’s dedicated to the illustrations of Tolkien’s work in his books edited in English (most blog posts are in English).

In French: Vincent Ferré‘s website contains among other things a bulky list of academic works in French on Tolkien.

The association Modernités Médiévales deals with academic life (call for papers, symposiums, publications…) around contemporary reception of the Middle Ages, Tolkien and fantasy are often mentioned.

Fandoms’ and fanzines’ History

Fan history book of the 1960s : an online book on the history of science-fiction fandoms in the 60s (including some bits on the beginning of Tolkien fandom).

Then: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK 1930-1980 : an online book project which tells the story of science-fiction fandom in the UK up to the 80s.

Fancyclopedia : online encyclopedia on science-fiction fandom in general.

The Tolkien Fandom Review by Gary Hunnewell : PDF files which give details on fan texts and publications dedicated to Tolkien from 1960 to 1968.

Online fanzines

Science-fiction fanzines : some deal more or less with Tolkien, like Niekas for example. See my complete list of consulted fanzines to learn about others.

Gary Hunnewell’s Collection at Marquette University is currently being digitalized, a lot of fanzines from the 60s are now available online.

Tolkien Journal : the Tolkien Society of America’s publication, 1965-1969.

Mythlore : one of the Mythopoeic Society’s publications, since 1967.

Beyond Bree : the website gives an index of contents in all issues until 2019.


The Tolkien Experience Project: an online collection of testimonies on Luke Shelton’s website.

Tolkien Fandom Oral Collection: an audio collection of fan testimonies, supervised by William Fliss of Marquette University.

Organisations and communities

Tolkien Estate

The Tolkien Society

The Mythopoeic Society

American Tolkien Society

JRRVF (in French)

Tolkiendil (in French)

La Faculté des Études Elfiques (in French, online in 2002, from the Internet Archive).

Learning more about Tolkien and his works

Tolkien Guide: an online guide on everything that has been published or done around Tolkien.

Elrond’s Library: a complete website listing translations and edition of Tolkien’s works (available in French and English).

Tolkien Gateway: an online collaborative encyclopedia about Tolkien, his work and reception.

Tolkien Library: an online bookshop, useful for bibliographical reference.

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